Register To HUGE Money Tournaments

Players who are familiar with online casinos at all are likely also familiar with slot machines, but many are unaware that they can actually participate in online casino tournaments that are based upon slots. Club World Casino tournaments allow players to compete against others by playing the slots. There are different types of tournaments from which players can choose from here, and we have worked hard to create exciting prize structures and more in order to make our tournaments some of the most coveted on the web. The main difference in standard slots and slots tournaments is that the tournaments offer players the opportunity to win all or some of a large pot.

In order to enter our online casino tournament, you will need to pay an entry fee. This fee will provide you with a set number of credits and a set amount of time during which to spend your credits on specified slots games. The amount you win depends upon your standing at the end of the tournament. In some cases, only the player with the largest bankroll at the end of this time wins a pot. In others, the top three, five or even 10 players may earn a varying percentage of the pot, which is comprised of all of the entrants' entry fees pooled together. Anyone who enjoys playing the slots can certainly benefit from entering these tournaments.

We also host Club World Casino tournaments that are based upon a points system. This means that each of our players must deposit their own funds with which to play the slots. After a set period of time, the person who has earned the most points will be awarded a prize. From time to time, we may offer some creative spins on our slots tournaments just to keep things exciting for our players. Even players from the United States can visit Club World Casino and try their hands at winnings some large prizes in these online tournaments. Of course, we also offer a wide selection of video poker, bingo, table games and much more to play between tournaments.